Advanced Dentistry Means More Effective, Shorter Appointments

Did you know that by choosing Mauricio Rodriguez DDS at Premier Dental, you are partnering with a team that uses only the latest in dental technology?

Discover the Advantages of Working With a State-of-the-Art Dental Team

One of the biggest benefits you will find when you choose Dr. Mauricio Rodriguez as your dentist in the Clear Lake area is our belief that in order to bring you the best results, we need access to leading edge equipment. Some of our most utilized pieces of equipment include:

  • CariFree® Cavity Prevention – This is a cavity prevention product that is truly second-to-none. It has been proven to effectively reduce your chances of getting more cavities, or of experiencing your first cavity. Remember that cavities and tooth decay are completely preventable, especially when you have CariFree® Cavity Prevention rinses to use at the dentist and at home.
  • Digital X-Rays – Remember the days when you had to undergo needless exposure to radiation just to get dental x-rays? With digital x-rays using our incredibly fast i-CAT® cone imaging beam, we can not only take a better picture of your teeth and bones, but we can get instant results.
  • Intraoral Cameras – Forget about having mirrors in your mouth. Now we can get a clearer photograph by using handheld intraoral cameras. These cameras allow us to not only see your teeth and gums in-depth but to share those images with you in real-time!
  • E4D – The E4D formula is simple: Take all that we know about computers and technology, and use this information to make dentists more effective. Our E4D equipment includes a machine that can make same-day dental crowns and bridges. We have chosen this Planscan/Planmeca device and system because of its creative, innovative use of CAD/CAM software and digitalization.