Benefit from All-on-4® to Replace many or all of your teeth with Dental Implants

Premier Dental dentist, Dr. Mauricio Rodriguez, has the advanced knowledge and technologies on-site at his office in Webster, Texas, to offer superior tooth replacement: dental implants. Additionally, he has experience with specialized implant systems that allow us to safely and successfully replace a maximal number of teeth with a minimal number of implants. 

All-on-4® by Nobel Biocare™

To appreciate the sophisticated All-on-4® system is to understand how dental implants differ from other types of tooth replacement. The implant post is a cylinder-shaped component made from a biocompatible or tissue-friendly material (like titanium). Once placed in the jaw during a straightforward procedure, the post heals and joins (or “integrates”) to the surrounding bone. Lastly, the implant is attached to the crown or replacement tooth by way of a connector piece (“abutment”). In turn, the implant functions like a tooth root. Since it is a part of the jawbone, the implant stably holds the tooth in place.  

Traditional forms of tooth replacement, such as conventional bridges, only replace the part of the tooth above the gumline. They do not replace the roots. So, they are not designed like a natural tooth. Implant-supported systems are designed like natural teeth. Accordingly, they provide the most natural appearance, feel, function, and lasting durability. 

Implants may replace one tooth, a few teeth, several teeth, or all of the teeth in the upper and/or lower jaws! The All-on-4® system is an effective, cost-efficient, and non-traumatic way to benefit from implants. It is also a healthy, comfortable, highly functional, and highly aesthetic alternative to conventional dentures that rely on natural suction or denture products to hold the teeth and artificial gum tissue in place. With the denture itself connected to implants that are part of the jaw, All-on-4® patients enjoy superior stability, comfort, and satisfaction with their dentures. You do not have to get one implant to replace each and every tooth.

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The “magic” of All-on-4® is in its design: 

  • As few as four (4) implants are applied to stabilize an entire jaw of teeth.
  • Implants are strategically placed and positioned to best retain your new teeth.
  • Strategically placing each implant facilitates optimal support and also optimizes the bone in your jaw.
  • Due to the above feature, grafting to augment bony tissue for those with inadequate bone is not necessary to properly stabilize the implant.
  • This system is a “teeth in a day” or “immediate dentures” service because a full arch denture can be applied immediately following extractions — never be seen in public with gaps in your smile! This approach saves you money because the number of implants that are required for treatment is contained. Implants are easily the most expensive part of the process. The fewer the implants that are placed, the lower the total cost of treatment. 
  • Additionally, the fewer implants placed, the less time spent in the treatment chair, and the less demands on your body for healing.

More than 150,000 people enjoy effortless chewing of their favorites foods and are smiling confidently again thanks to this system. Discover what the fuss is all about. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.