Crowns and Bridges

Get Precise, Customized Dental Crowns and Bridges in Just One Visit!

Have you been putting off getting dental crowns or bridges because you thought it would take too much time? Learn how technology has made getting these treatments faster and more effective!

Dental Bridges That Look Amazingly Natural

Are you missing a tooth that would naturally be between two other teeth? This type of gap can be efficiently filled with a dental bridge. Dental bridges are made up of three components: two dental crowns and one prosthetic tooth. In order to create a dental bridge, Dr. Rodriguez will first prepare the teeth on either side of the gap to be capped by dental crowns. The dental crowns are made by using the E4D Dentist System, which utilizes sophisticated CAD/CAM software. At the same time, a prosthetic tooth will be made from the same natural-looking, nonmetal material. After the dental crowns are put in place, they will anchor the prosthetic tooth, or bridge.

Many people who do not want to undergo dental implant surgery find dental crowns and bridges in Houston, TX, at Mauricio Rodriguez, D.D.S., Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to be an exceptional alternative. Talk to us today about your needs: (281) 488-1227.

Are You Having a Problem With a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns that were placed many years ago may not fit as well as those made today. Additionally, some dental crowns were once created out of metal, which can be unappealing for modern patients. We are well-versed in replacing dental crowns for a myriad of reasons. Make an appointment with our office to start the discussion.

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In-House Dental Crown Creation Using World-Class Equipment

Did you know that when you need a dental crown in Houston, TX, you can get it made the same day at Mauricio Rodriguez, D.D.S., Cosmetic and Family Dentistry? We are passionate about using the latest dental technologies to provide you with quicker, more accurate results, and that includes custom dental crowns.

When you receive a dental crown, Dr. Rodriguez will use advanced CAD/CAM software to take an ultra-accurate image of the area that needs to be restored. This image will then be used to custom-create the tooth-colored dental crown on the E4D Dentist System from D4D Technologies. The E4D is one of the latest tools available to dental professionals, and patients love being able to get a dental crown within about an hour.

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