Why Some People Have Dental Anxiety

For up to 15% of the adult population in the United States source, going to the dentist is a stressful occurrence because of dental anxiety1.

This condition has many roots, including:

  • A negative prior dentist experience.
  • A strong gag reflex.
  • A low pain tolerance.
  • A discomfort of being out of control.
  • A problem having people touch you.
  • Difficulty accepting the sights, sounds, and smells of a typical dental office.
  • Warnings from others about what could go wrong.
  • Difficulty sitting still for any length of time.

Rather than avoiding getting dental care for your teeth and gums, consider sedation dentistry in Houston, TX, at Mauricio Rodriguez DDS at Premier Dental. Sedation dentistry techniques can reduce and allay your fears, allowing you to finally take charge of your health.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Be a Powerful Ally in the Promotion of Strong Dental Health

Sedation dentistry could be considered a secret weapon in the fight against dental anxiety. With sedation dentistry, patients are able to:

  • Regular Checkups – Make and keep regular check-ups and examinations.
  • Immediate Treatment – Ensure that problems like gingivitis and caries (cavities) are diagnosed and treated immediately.
  • Confidence – Feel good about the way their teeth and gums look.

Call Mauricio Rodriguez DDS at Premier Dental to make an appointment where we will use sedation dentistry in Houston, TX. Our number is (281) 488-1227, and we are accepting new patients.