Implant Supported Dentures In Webster

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your traditional dentures, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mauricio Rodriguez and Premier Dental to determine if you are a candidate for implant supported dentures!

Premier Dental is the place to go to get implant supported dentures in Webster, TX, Webster, League City, Friendswood, El Lago, Seabrook, Kemah, and other communities. Dr. Rodriguez can replace an entire row of missing teeth with permanent, natural looking implant supported dentures.

Why Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are more reliable, comfortable, and look more like your real teeth than traditional dentures.

Traditional dentures are custom-made to rest snugly against the gums. However, they often have an unappealing, unnatural appearance. There’s nothing to anchor them in place, so they can suddenly slip out of position. Adhesives help, but they have to be constantly reapplied. Traditional dentures can also place pressure on the supporting bone structure, which, over time, could result in damage to the bone.

Illustration of implant supported denture

Advantages of Premier Dental Implant Supported Dentures

You don’t experience these problems with implant supported dentures. Rather than resting on the gums, implant supported dentures are actually a type of overdenture that fits completely over the gums and is securely held in place by a series of dental implants in the gums. The implants are surgically put into place, and after the sites have healed, the permanent denture is connected through a bar or ball-retained attachment.

Our Patients Love Their Implant Supported Dentures!

Our patients are raving about their implant supported dentures. Some of the things they like best about their implant supported dentures include: 

  • The way the denture is positioned on the implants gives them a more natural appearance;
  • How the implants anchor the denture appliance more securely in place; and
  • They never have to worry about their dentures slipping or falling out!

Are You a Candidate for Implant Supported Dentures?

While implant supported dentures are a great alternative for many patients, it is not the right solution for everyone. To be a candidate, a patient should have:

  • A Complete Missing Row of Teeth: You should have a complete row of missing teeth. If you only have a few missing teeth, you may want to consider single dental implants or a dental bridge. Premier Dental provides our patients with many choices to replace missing or damaged teeth.
  • Sufficient Bone Mass: You need enough bone mass to support the dental implants. This will be determined by you and Dr. Rodriguez during your initial examination and consultation.
  • Time to Heal Properly: You must be willing to wait for the dental implants to heal properly before being able to enjoy your implant supported dentures. 

Call Premier Dental and Schedule Your Appointment

Premier Dental wants you to enjoy a healthier, happier smile! If you’ve been experiencing problems with your traditional dentures, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodriguez to determine if you are a candidate for implant supported dentures. Call us today at (281) 317-6401. We accept most forms of dental insurance and offer a wide range of payment and financing options.