Orthodontics That Work for Patients of All Ages

The world of orthodontics has changed in wonderful ways, and that means that patients of all ages can enjoy traditional braces or Invisalign® clear braces!

Invisalign® Is the Treatment of a New Generation

One of the biggest, most exciting types of orthodontics is Invisalign® clear braces. We are often asked about Invisalign® from patients at all stages of life. In fact, statistics indicate that around 20% of all orthodontia patients are over the age of 18! source

Teens and adults can benefit from the Invisalign® process, a patented method of moving your teeth into perfect position without the use of brackets or wires.

Lady with invisalign

Here is how Invisalign® works:

  • A computer-generated image of your teeth is created. Using this image, we work with Invisalign® to map out a strategy for moving your teeth using clear, plastic aligner trays that fit snugly over your teeth.
  • You will get several aligners and begin wearing each for about 10-14 days. At the prescribed time, you will switch to a new aligner. The new aligner will move your teeth slightly.
  • After all your aligners have been used, your teeth will be in a perfect position. You will then be fitted with a retaining appliance that must be worn at night to keep your teeth from shifting again.

Because every person has different needs, it is important for Dr. Mauricio Rodriguez to examine your teeth before determining whether or not Invisalign® will be the right orthodontics choice for you. Call our office at (281) 317-6401 to set up your appointment now.

Why Invest in Orthodontics?

Many people consider orthodontics to be something that is unnecessary. However, there are several excellent, compelling reasons to consider orthodontics:

  • Ease – Straight teeth are easier to floss and brush. This helps ward off the chances that you could develop gum disease.
  • Fitment – Teeth that fit together properly feel better and put less pressure on your jaw joint. They also reduce the tendency toward bruxism, or tooth grinding.
  • Confidence – When you have straighter teeth, you feel better about yourself. This confidence can help you achieve your goals.

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