Restorative Dentistry that is suited to every patient’s smile

Almost 32% of Texans aged 65 and older have lost at least six of their natural teeth. Nearly 14% of our fellow Texan seniors in this age group have no natural teeth left. Led by Dr. Mauricio Rodriguez, Premier Dental in Houston and Webster, Texas, knows it does not have to be this way. We use our friendly, non-judgmental approach to partner with patients. Our patients preserve their natural teeth by assuring they get the routine care that promotes great oral and overall health. Should accidents or new challenges to your good oral health arise, Dr. Rodriguez can recommend restorative dentistry treatments that are the “next best thing” to the “real thing.” 

We can either build a portion of the tooth structure or the entire tooth. To rebuild a natural tooth that has sustained damage, the following treatments may be suggested: 

  • Composite fillings – After damaged tissue has been removed and the area has been cleaned, Dr. Rodriguez uses tooth-colored composite resin to “fill in” and replace the damaged site. 
  • Crowns – Depending on the extent of the decay or damage, Dr. Rodriguez may recommend a partial crown (onlay) or full-coverage crown. The restored area is expertly designed to look, feel, and function in the most “toothlike” manner possible. Then, this portion of the tooth structure is placed and fixed securely on top of the prepared, natural tooth. We at Premier Dental make “teeth in a day” crowns that are designed, fabricated, refined, and bonded while you wait – in a single visit. 
  • Bridges – Standard bridges involve connecting two crowns and a replacement tooth (“pontic”) to teeth on either side of the gap. Once these crowns are placed on the neighboring teeth, the pontic fills in the gap and effectively replaces the missing tooth. 
  • Partial and complete dentures – Precision techniques and technologies are applied to create dentures that fit your mouth well. The comfort and satisfaction you get from dentures to replace many teeth or a mouthful of teeth depends on how well they fit the contours of your mouth. 
  • Dental implants – This form of tooth replacement uses cylindrical-shaped dental components (implants). When placed in the jaw, the implant functions as a tooth root. The replacement tooth (or teeth) are then connected to the implant, which “roots” or stabilizes your new teeth in place. 
  • All-on-4® – This system involves positioning and strategically placing implants in a way whereas few as four are needed to support an entire upper or lower arch (jaw) of teeth. We may recommend implant-supported dentures as an alternative to conventional removable dentures that depend on suction or adhesive products to hold the teeth in place.  

Now that you’ve “met” us and our services virtually, we encourage you to experience Premier Dental for yourself. Schedule your appointment at one of our two area offices today.